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The neckline can be a barometer of aging and weight changes. Because exercise is not effective in removing fat pockets in the chin, neck, and jowl areas, neck liposuction is an effective solution for many people. Dr. Cornell McCullom is highly skilled at removing stubborn fat from these areas safely.

Liposuction creates a smoother, firmer, and more graceful appearance in the area under the neck. Improving just this one feature can even help people look years younger or as if they’ve lost weight. Because fat cells are removed, results are permanent. 

Ideal Neck Liposuction Patients

Because recontouring addresses fat deposits rather than deeply sagging skin, it achieves the greatest results in patients who are in their twenties through mid-fifties, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Patients with good skin tone achieve the best results.

What is the Neck Liposuction Procedure Like?

It is a fairly quick procedure performed using a local anesthetic. Dr. McCullom will remove excess fat and sculpt a natural contour through one or two small incisions beneath the chin or behind the ears. He marks the area, numbs it, and uses a small cannula to remove the stubborn fat. This guarantees the gentlest treatment for a delicate area.

After the procedure, patients typically wear a supportive chin strap for a few days and can return to work within a week. Some patients experience swelling and bruising, but this usually resolves within 10 to 14 days.

If patients maintain a stable body weight, the results are permanent and can bring balance to the facial features. You can expect a defined jawline and chin that look natural, attractive, and more youthful. This procedure can also be combined with others, including rhinoplasty and cheek or chin implants, to further enhance facial contours.

Neck Liposuction Alternatives

Skin that has lost elasticity can benefit from a different procedure called neck lift surgery. Another effective alternative is Botox injections in the platysma band — the muscles that stand out when you flex your neck. This can redefine the jaw temporarily. Some people refer to this procedure as a Nefertiti lift, as it appears to elongate the neck like the famed Egyptian queen.

Dr. McCullom takes special care to safely perform all procedures, including neck liposuction. He is highly trained and experienced, with patients reporting excellent results. If you are interested in learning more about neck and jowl liposuction, contact our facial aesthetics office in Chicago, IL and schedule a consultation today.

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