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Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, or DPN, is a skin condition that appears as small bumps on the face, neck, and upper back. Between 30 and 35 percent of African Americans, as well as an unknown number of Asian Americans, are affected. Women are affected more often than men. It usually begins during adolescence, and the number and size of lesions increase with age. The spots of dermatosis papulosa nigra do not fade away.

DPN is completely harmless and doesn’t require treatment. If, however, the bumps become itchy or you don’t like their appearance, you may choose to have them removed by our facial cosmetics doctor in Chicago, IL.

Treatment options

  • Radiowave surgery is a minimally invasive procedure performed under topical and local anesthesia. The procedure causes little thermal damage. While some light brown areas may remain, they appear much better than the original DPN and may also eventually blend entirely with the patient’s skin tone.
  • Occasionally, DPN may be treated using a CO2 laser. It is also possible to remove DPNs and skin tags (depending on the number to be treated) with this laser in one session. The results are similar to those of a radio wave device. 
  • A cauterization procedure involves burning the dark spots and destroying the tissue with an electric current. This procedure is performed with a small probe.
  • A curative technique involves scraping the papules with a tool. There is a risk associated with this procedure, as it may leave discolored patches on the skin. It is usually a more cost-effective procedure.
  • Cryotherapy is fast, inexpensive, and requires very little preparation depending on the depth of the lesion and the provider’s technique; the number of treatments and freeze-thaw cycles may also vary. In patients with skin of color, the primary concern is hypopigmentation, which results from damage to melanocytes in the underlying or surrounding healthy skin.
  • There are a few natural treatments that can be found on the internet. One method involves applying the juice of a garlic clove to the affected area and wrapping it with a bandage. Many believe garlic’s sulfurous compounds help strengthen skin cells and strengthen the fibers of the skin, but mainly through dietary sources. Another natural treatment involves applying vitamin C powder to affected areas before covering them with a bandage. Despite vitamin C’s ability to rejuvenate aging and photodamaged skin and promote healthy collagen growth, there is no evidence that it will remove DPN.

Once again, DPN does not require treatment. Generally, these growths are benign, but if it is not clear whether a particular lesion is dermatosis papulosa nigra, you should schedule an appointment at our facial cosmetics office in Chicago, ILs to ensure it isn’t serious or cancerous.

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