Earlobe Repair Chicago | Do Your Ears Need a Makeover?

Chicago Earlobe Repair

As you look into the mirror or study your photograph, it can be easy to overlook the impact of your ears on your overall appearance. When your ears are delicate, flawless, and well-positioned, they can seem to have no relationship to how attractive you look to others. However, if your ears are large, protruding, or asymmetrical, have torn lobes, or are covered in keloids, your ears may actually be your biggest obstacle to presenting the beautiful image you desire. At Timeless Beauty, Dr. Cornell McCullom is a skilled, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon who has had great success in providing effective ear makeovers to patients in need.

There are three main forms of cosmetic and restorative ear treatment available from Dr. McCullom.

Ear repositioning: Have you ever been teased for having large, asymmetric, or protruding ears? When your ears do not lay close to your head, they can create a sense of unbalance in your appearance and may even cause you to become self-conscious. Dr. McCullom is able to create unobtrusive ear positioning for a more beautiful look using a relatively straightforward surgery known as an otoplasty.

Earlobe repair: If your earlobes have torn, whether from earrings that were too heavy or from some other form of trauma, Dr. McCullom can help. Through simple surgical techniques performed in-office, Dr. McCullom can safely and effectively repair torn earlobes. In many cases, patients are able to re-pierce their ears and enjoy earrings again after allowing about 3-6 months for full healing.

Keloid removal: If you suffer from the growth of keloids on your ears, keloid removal may be right for you. Whether your desire to remove your keloids is motivated by pain, discomfort, or a desire for aesthetic improvement, you are not alone. Over his years of experience in this type of treatment, Dr. McCullom has developed his own keloid removal technique that is designed to keep more of your skin intact while drastically reducing the likelihood that the keloid will recur.

If you are ready to look younger, healthier, and more attractive, ask Dr. McCullom whether any of these cosmetic or restorative ear treatment solutions may provide the makeover results of your dreams. He will review your individual case with care and recommend the treatment option that will best meet your personal needs and goals for your appearance. Contact Timeless Beauty for a consultation today.