Facial Aesthetics Chicago | Natural-Looking Results for a Younger Appearance

Timeless Beauty

As we age, there are a lot of small changes to our appearance that gradually take place. Put together, these small changes can have a big impact on your appearance. While there is a wide selection of facial aesthetic services available to help you attain and maintain your ideal look, the best results will come from subtle treatments that aim for natural-looking results. At Timeless Beauty, we pride ourselves on taking a conservative approach to all of our treatments in order to help you see great results without looking like you’ve had any work done.

Our main priority is providing results that bring out the unique beauty of each of our patients, rather than making them look like a new person. All of our cosmetic solutions utilize state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that you receive the highest quality care available. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Botox, Xeomin, and Other Facial Fillers
  • Eyelifts
  • Cheek and Chin Implants
  • Lip Reduction and Augmentation
  • Neck and Jowl Liposuction
  • Facial Mole and Skin Tag Removal
  • Split Ear Lobe Repair
  • Fat Grafting
  • Vampire Facelift®
  • And More!

No matter what issues you’re looking to correct, Dr. Cornell McCullom is dedicated to finding the right solutions for you. We believe that everyone has their own unique beauty and are committed to delivering results that will enhance, rather than undermine it. For more information about our services or to set up a consultation, contact our office today!

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