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The process of undergoing cosmetic surgery is exciting for most patients. In addition to improving self-esteem and appearance for patients, cosmetic surgery improves their quality of life. In most cases, patients want to accelerate the recovery process after cosmetic surgery so they can return to their normal daily activities sooner.

The recovery time following surgery varies based on health issues and the type of procedure performed. You can reduce your recovery time by carefully following the post-operative instructions provided by your surgical team. The recovery process can be adjusted in most cases, depending on your overall health, the type of procedure you are recovering from, and your response to the surgery. Here are five ways to speed up your recovery process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Please refrain from smoking.
It is recommended that smokers give up smoking at least eight weeks before undergoing cosmetic surgery. In the days following your surgery, avoiding cigarettes will help improve your circulation, resulting in a faster recovery. Here is a compelling reason to quit smoking.

Consume fluids and apply ice.
Ice packs or compression garments should be applied if instructed. Ice should be applied after any facial surgery, such as a facelift, eyelid lift, or rhinoplasty, to reduce swelling and inflammation. It may be necessary to remove bandages in order to apply ice. Surgical procedures may require you to wear a compression garment for a few weeks afterward. There is a reason why doctors recommend these garments. The body can use them to control bruising and inflammation. In addition to helping with contouring, they can also prevent skin wrinkles. Compression garments may also soften and flatten scars. While recovering, drinking water will help alleviate the side effects of pain medication and keep you hydrated.

You don’t have to tough it out.
During the first three days after your surgery, ask a close friend or family member to care for you. Inflammation, bruising, and swelling are all part of the body’s natural recovery process, but some support can help. Over-the-counter pain relievers and herbal remedies should be avoided. It is possible for these to interfere with prescription medications and cause problems.

Move around gently.
After your surgery, you will need to rest for around two days. Besides resting, you need to move as well. Despite what it may sound like, movement speeds up healing by improving circulation. You should move as much as your oral and cosmetic surgeon recommends. You can speed up your recovery by walking or stretching for a few minutes every day. Setting a timer might help you remember to move around.

Don’t go to the gym.
Do not engage in any strenuous exercise following cosmetic surgery. Many patients want to resume their normal workout routines after cosmetic surgery, but it is crucial to avoid strenuous exercise for several weeks. It is possible to experience bruising, bleeding, and inflammation after working out as a result of raising blood pressure. Vigorous exercise too soon after surgery can cause serious complications and reopen incisions. Resuming your pre-surgery level of activity should be discussed with your facial cosmetics surgeon.

Recovery from plastic surgery involves both physical and emotional aspects. In order for you to achieve the best results from your facial cosmetic surgery, it is important not to hurry the recovery process. Schedule a consultation with our facial cosmetics office today to start feeling and looking the way you have always wanted.

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