Lift Your Confidence

You want your smile to look its best. Smiles form first impressions when we meet new people. Not everyone is happy with the way their smile looks. Certain people have a “gummy” smile. When you smile, do you see your gums? A gum lift is an option that is available to enhance your smile. Lift your confidence by renewing your smile. If you are considering a gum lift, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Gum Lift?

A gum lift reshapes your gums to allow for more of your teeth to show when you smile. Balance is the key to a beautiful smile. A gum lift can allow your teeth to appear longer and straighter. In our office we can perform gum lifts using laser therapy or a traditional surgical approach. Dr. McCullom will help you determine what the best route for therapy will be. Our team always takes your preferences into consideration.

What Should I Expect During My Visit?

Each patient’s treatment will be individualized. When you visit our office, you will receive an expert evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for a gum lift. Dr. McCullom is experienced in working with patients hoping to reduce the appearance of their gums when they smile.

What Alternatives Are Available?

Not all patients will be ideal candidates for a gum lift. Talk to our team about lip repositioning. This procedure can achieve similar results in reducing the appearance of your gums when you smile.

Don’t live each day embarrassed by your smile. There are options available for correcting a gummy smile. Our team is committed to providing superior care for you in a comfortable environment. We are here to help you look your best! Come see us for a consultation.

For more information about gum lifts or to schedule a visit, please contact our office.