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The human body possesses a remarkable capacity for healing, yet sometimes this process can lead to the formation of keloids, unique growths that can profoundly affect one’s confidence due to their cosmetic impact. At Timeless Beauty, led by Dr. Cornell McCullom, our expert team specializes in the successful removal of keloids, offering individuals a transformative opportunity to reclaim their self-assurance and enhance their overall well-being.

Understanding Keloids:

Keloids develop when scar tissue over a wound continues to heal and grow, resulting in a smooth, hardened growth. These formations are commonly found on body parts like earlobes, cheeks, shoulders, and chests. Keloids may exhibit symptoms such as changes in skin color, a raised and lumpy texture, continual growth, and occasional itchiness and tenderness. While keloids themselves are not harmful, their cosmetic impact, especially when located on visible areas like the face, can be concerning.

Risk Factors:

Around ten percent of the population faces the risk of developing keloids, with a higher prevalence among individuals of Asian and Latino descent. Various types of skin injuries, including acne scarring, burns, piercings, surgical incisions, and tattoos, carry a slight risk of keloid formation.

Treatment Options:

For small or recent keloids, at-home treatments like moisturizing oils may prove effective over time. However, larger or older keloids often require professional intervention. Surgical removal, particularly using laser technology for resurfacing and smoothing out the scar, is a common and highly effective approach.

Dr. Cornell McCullom’s Unique Technique:

At Timeless Beauty, Dr. Cornell McCullom employs a distinctive and innovative technique for removing large keloids, ensuring minimal scarring and optimal cosmetic results. This cutting-edge approach not only addresses the physical aspects of keloids but also focuses on enhancing the patient’s confidence and overall well-being.


Keloids can significantly impact one’s confidence, but Timeless Beauty, under the expertise of Dr. Cornell McCullom and his dedicated team, offers comprehensive experience in their treatment and removal. If your keloid remains unresponsive to home treatments or continues to grow, take the step towards regaining your confidence by scheduling an appointment with Timeless Beauty. Dr. Cornell McCullom’s unique techniques and personalized care ensure the best possible outcome for your keloid removal, empowering you to face the world with renewed self-assurance and satisfaction.

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