Facial Aesthetics in Chicago | Restore Your Youthful Appearance with Facial Fillers

Facial Aesthetics Chicago

Often, the combination of time, sun, and other factors can cause your face to look older than it should. Small lines, furrows, and wrinkles can develop, making you feel that your appearance no longer matches the age you are inside. If you are suffering from crow’s feet, brow furrows, laugh lines, or other facial wrinkling, treatment with facial fillers can help restore a softer, more youthful appearance. Dr. Cornell McCullom uses only high-quality facial fillers to ensure that you see instant, effective results with minimal downtime needed.

Facial or dermal fillers are a group of products which are injected into the lines of the face to add volume and support. Each treatment takes only about 15 minutes to complete in our office and provides instant results. This softer, more youthful look will generally last for about 6 months. Dr. McCullom will advise you when you should consider returning for your next treatment.

Facial and dermal fillers provide a safe and effective way to refresh your appearance and boost your self-confidence. During your initial consultation, Dr. McCullom will consider your individual needs and goals before recommending treatment with facial or dermal fillers. Be sure to let Dr. McCullom know about any allergies you have or medications you may be taking, as this can affect what treatments and products are best for you.

It is important that you follow all of Dr. McCullom’s recommendations regarding your treatment. Please avoid prolonged exposure to sun or heat, alcoholic beverages, and strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours following your treatment. This is important to protect your skin and to prevent side effects from occurring. Serious side effects for these facial and dermal fillers are highly rare, but notify our office immediately if any occur. In addition, set and keep your next appointment with Dr. McCullom to ensure lasting results.

Facial or dermal fillers can help restore the soft, youthful appearance you deserve and can add a boost to your confidence and self-esteem. Ask Dr. McCullom if treatment with facial or dermal fillers may be right for you. For more information about facial and dermal fillers or to schedule your consultation with Dr. McCullom, contact Timeless Beauty.