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Everyone deserves to smile as big as they want and to feel confident when they do. Unfortunately for some folks, this isn’t the case.

Some of us happen to have more of our gums showing than others when we smile, and that can be an insecurity for a lot of people. Getting a gum lift or lip repositioning may be the best solution to help showcase your smile with complete confidence.

You can achieve a more balanced smile by allowing more of your teeth and less of your gums to show by getting a gum lift or lip positioning procedure.

There are a number of factors that can cause excessive amounts of gum visibility or a disproportion between your teeth and gums. These factors can include your genetics, health issues, or medications you are taking, as they too can play a role in having a “gummy” smile.

Fortunately this issue can be treated in different ways depending on your situation and preference.

The first option for treatment would be laser crown-lengthening. A laser can be used to create a greater degree of accuracy during treatment than more traditional methods. With a higher level of precision comes a quicker recovery time and a reduction in discomfort.

How laser crown-lengthening works:

  • Laser crown-lengthening is quicker than conventional methods.
  • There is far less blood involved than with the use of a scalpel
  • There is no noise during the procedure
  • The patient is able to relax far more when compared to a traditional crown-lengthening procedure
  • Healing time is significantly reduced

More traditional procedures can also be performed, like veneers or crowns.

With crowns and veneers, you can expect a straightforward process:

  • A mold is taken
  • The appliances are then custom made to fit your teeth
  • Your teeth are then prepared to accept the application
  • Anesthesia is used in cases of tooth sensitivity
  • Your dentist will shape each tooth to fit exactly as desired
  • The crowns or veneers are then bonded
  • Excess glue is removed, your bite is checked, and final adjustments are made

The goal is to find a procedure that works best for you, your specific needs, and your overall goals.

If you feel self conscious about the way your smile looks and would like to discuss a gum lift procedure, lip repositioning, veneers, or crowns, please contact our office to learn more.

Schedule a consultation today with our facial aesthetics doctor in 60619 to discuss your personal needs and the best options available to you for treatment. We look forward to meeting you and we are excited to help you regain your confidence!

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