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Serene, Sexy Brows

Part of what brings the eyes to life is the expressiveness of the brows. Through our brows, we can convey surprise, flirtation, suspicion, and so many other emotions. Unfortunately, aging can etch a permanent frown on our brow that has nothing to do with how we're actually feeling. Dr. McCullom can restore youthfulness and attractiveness to your brows, with or without surgery.


Facial Aesthetics Chicago

Smooth Forehead

A smooth, unlined forehead is a hallmark of youth and attractiveness. But a lifetime of expressions leaves its mark in the form of vertical frown lines and horizontal forehead furrows. These can cause you to look stern, sad – even unapproachable – although you feel happy and relaxed.

Dr. McCullom is a master of injectable treatments to alleviate this unfortunate side effect of aging. In many cases, the skillful use of Xeomin® or BOTOX® Cosmetic at his south side Chicago office does the trick, taking years off of your appearance and bringing back your youthful brow.

In the case of deeper lines, Dr. McCullom may suggest one of the many dermal filler options he offers to bring back the smoother looking skin that we associate with youth and attractiveness. For many women and men, this small change makes an enormous difference when it comes to a pleasant, attractive expression.

Forehead Wrinkles

Horizontal forehead wrinkles are caused by years frequent folding of the skin with brow elevation. These lines can make the face look older. BOTOX or Xeomin can treat the wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the forehead muscle. Conservative treatment is important to avoid heavy eyebrows.

Frowning Wrinkles

Frowning wrinkles are the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows caused by three very strong muscles under the skin. This can give the face and angry appearance. BOTOX and Xeomin treat these wrinkles very effectively by temporarily relaxing the muscles.

Low Eyebrows

BOTOX and Xeomin may be used to elevate the eyebrows by temporarily relaxing the muscles under the eyebrows which lower the brows when active. Injections can produce a 2 to 3mm elevation of the brow.

Brow Position

While heavy, sagging brows tend to convey fatigue, anger and other negative emotions, overly arched or lifted brows can have a similarly off–putting effect. Studies show that softly arched brows – positioned to frame the eyes and complement them – are a key component of attractiveness.

Dr. McCullom keeps this in mind when he is helping his patients to determine their ideal brow position. For those whose brows have just begun to droop and may be detracting from the eyes, he may use injectables to create a slight lift in the brow.

When the outer portion of the brow sags, overshadowing the eyes and creating an aged appearance, Dr. McCullom performs a lateral (or temporal) brow lift at his south side Chicago practice. This procedure can open up the eye area and restore a fresh, engaging appearance that can change the way others perceive you.