The Attractive Face

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Youthful Cheeks

Any woman who contours her mid–face with blush, bronzer or highlighter every day understands the importance of the cheeks to an attractive face. The cheeks are a key feature of good bone structure, which we know exemplifies beauty and attractiveness. Small, specific changes to the cheeks can have an effect that spreads to the entire face. Dr. McCullom can subtly enhance your cheeks with facial fillers.


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The Importance of Volume

Research – along with our media and culture – tells us that high cheekbones are universally attractive. Youthful volume in the mid–face also signals vitality, health, and attractiveness. Unfortunately, as we age, the face loses volume and the cheeks begin to sag and flatten. The skin on the cheeks can start to droop and form jowls and nasolabial folds. Sagging cheeks can also contribute to hollows and shadows beneath the eyes.

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation can improve the overall attractiveness of the face by improving its shape. Cheek augmentation is often needed to support sagging facial skin and improve shadows under the eyes.

Dr. McCullom has an elite level of training and experience with facial fillers, and is uniquely qualified to perform cheek augmentation. Women and men trust him to restore lost volume or enhance the cheekbones in a way that looks perfectly natural. Adding volume with fillers can help to smooth nasolabial folds, improve laxity in the lower face, and eliminate a sunken, aged appearance. Learn more about a unique, alternative non-surgical cheek augmentation.

Women and men with significant sagging, laxity and jowls may be better candidates for a moderate or full facelift procedure.