The Attractive Face

The Science of Beauty, Understood at Last

Delicate Ears

Like the nose and chin, ears are most attractive when they are less noticeable. Large, protruding, or misshapen ears can draw attention and reduce the symmetry and balance of an otherwise attractive face. When developing your treatment plan, Dr. McCullom takes into account all of your features to give you ears that flatter your unique face.


Facial Aesthetics Chicago

Inconspicuous Position

Large or protruding ears are portrayed as comical in cartoons, but for those who are born with them, they’re not so funny. Ask anyone with ears that stick out, and they’ll tell you that the unwanted attention and teasing they’ve endured make it hard to feel especially attractive. Women will avoid wearing their hair up; men have fewer options.

Dr. McCullom understands the important role the ears play in an attractive facial appearance. When the ears lay close to the head, the outline of the face is proportional and balanced. This is the “normal” or expected face shape that we find familiar and attractive. Through a relatively straightforward surgery, otoplasty, Dr. McCullom can create an unobtrusive ear position that is more universally beautiful.


When ears are prominent or stick out from the head, they can be distracting and draw attention away from an otherwise attractive face. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cornell McCullom specializes in otoplasty (ear surgery) in Chicago to bring the ears closer to the head.

Ear Keloid Correction

Ear keloids are growths on the ear that result from trauma, such as piercing. Large keloids can be very distracting and, unfortunately, tend to recur frequently after surgery. Dr. McCullom uses a skin-sparing technique that drastically reduces the recurrence rate.

A Healthy Shape

Youthfulness and health are two very significant components of attractiveness. When the ears are misshapen, it can signal poor health. Dr. McCullom specializes in surgical procedures that can repair ear deformities such as keloids or split earlobes. By restoring the smooth, healthy borders of the ear and earlobe, he can help you to have ears that enhance – rather than detract – from your appearance.