The Attractive Face

The Science of Beauty, Understood at Last

Alluring Eyes

For most women, makeup is the quick-fix for bags and circles and for generally enhancing the look of the eyes. With a doctor's understanding of the physiology, and an artist's understanding of light and shadows, Dr. McCullom can do what no amount of makeup can to make your eyes look younger and more beautiful.


Shadows & Light

The skin beneath the eyes is very thin and gets even thinner with age. Blood vessels and muscles beneath the eyes may appear as dark circles. There may also be an indentation – the tear trough – which creates a shadow. That shadow is intensified if “bags” of fat have formed under the eye, creating greater contrast between the areas of light and shadow.

The secret to creating vibrant, youthful looking eyes is to create an even, smooth under-eye area with minimal shadows. Dr. McCullom does this using one of several long–lasting dermal filler options. Using highly refined injection techniques, Dr. McCullom fills in the indentations and minimizes the appearance of bags and shadows under the eyes. Learn more about under-eye dermafillers.

For those with more prominent bags or excess, wrinkled skin, Dr. McCullom may suggest minimally-invasive lower eyelid surgery.

Shadows/Dark Circles

Shadows/dark circles under the eyes may be caused by indentation in the skin at the transition area between the eyes and cheeks. Fillers may be placed the make this area smooth, decreasing the shadows.


Bags under the eyes are usually caused by severe shadows under the eyes and lack of support to the skin. Most cases are improved with fillers under the eyes and cheeks. Occasionally lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is required to remove bulging fat.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are wrinkles at the corner of the eyes caused by folding of the skin with smiling or squinting. They can either be charming or a sign of an aging face. BOTOX and Xeomin reduce these wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscle under the skin in this area.

Heavy Upper Eyelids

Mild cases of heavy upper eyelids may be treated by elevating the brows with BOTOX or Xeomin. More severe cases may benefit from upper eyelid blepharoplasty, with or without brow lift surgery.

Size & Spacing

Not everyone is blessed with the large, wide eyes that studies show are characteristic of beauty. Dr. McCullom has mastered techniques that can open up the eye area and create the illusion of larger, more youthful eyes.

Softly arched brows help to make the eyes look larger and more youthful. When the forehead is smooth and relaxed and free from a frowning appearance, the eyes tend to look more wide-set and alert. These changes can be made quickly and easily through the skillful injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic or Xeomin®.

If you have excess upper lid skin, it may distort the smooth contours of your upper lids, making your eyes look smaller and older. Many women and men choose upper eyelid surgery to open up their eye area and reveal more youthful looking eyes.

If BOTOX alone cannot lift and smooth your brows, a temporal (or lateral) brow lift may create just the change you need. This is often performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery to bring out the eyes and create a more youthful and attractive look.