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Smooth, Contoured Nose

As the central feature, the nose is a critical component of the attractive face. While a good nose goes almost unnoticed, one that is too large, crooked or unattractively shaped will draw immediate attention. In fact, it is difficult to highlight your more attractive features when the nose is out of balance. We can create remarkable results through surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty.


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Your Most Attractive Nose

In terms of attractiveness, the best noses are those that don’t stand out. Studies show that we are attracted to familiar features more than those that are striking or unusual, and this is particularly true with noses. Generally, straight, smooth contours, good projection, and a proportional size and shape are the characteristics of an attractive nose.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is done by using fillers to contour the nose. Many individuals unhappy with their noses are pleasantly surprised by how much contouring is possible non-surgically. Frequent requests are for a stronger bridge and improved tip definition.

Nostril Reduction

Often patients interested in nostril reduction achieve a big improvement in their appearance by simply augmenting the nasal bridge and tip with fillers. For very wide nostrils, Dr. McCullom can reduce the flare of the nostrils with an in-office surgical procedure.

Surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical rhinoplasty improves the appearance of the nose by altering the shape, size, and position of the nasal bones and cartilages. This may be required for hump reduction, straightening of the nose or tip modification.

Nose Reshaping Methods

Dr. McCullom specializes in innovative approaches to nose reshaping in Chicago through surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty. No matter your age, gender, or ethnicity, he can make subtle changes that vastly improve the appearance of your nose without stripping it of its character. These include:

Augmenting the bridge

– Some patients lack projection or definition and need their nasal dorsum/nasal bridge augmented. This can be done either surgically or non–surgically. Learn more about augmenting the bridge.

Reducing a bump/hump on the bridge

– A bump or hump on the bridge of the nose can distort the profile and make the nose overly prominent. Streamlining the nasal bridge is a component of approximately 80% of the rhinoplasties Dr. McCullom performs. A small hump can sometimes be camouflaged with non-surgical rhinoplasty. Learn more about hump reduction.

Correcting deviations, fractures & concavities

– Straight, smooth nasal contours are key to an attractive nose. If the nose is crooked, asymmetrical, or indented, it can detract from the beauty of the face. Whether it’s a congenital condition or the result of trauma or prior surgery, Dr. McCullom is uniquely qualified to address these concerns. Contact us today to learn more about nasal deviation!

Refining the nasal tip

– As the point of farthest projection, the tip of the nose is very important to the overall appearance of the nose. If the tip is bulbous, undefined, droopy or asymmetrical, it can overshadow other features. Dr. McCullom offers both surgical and non-surgical options for tip correction. Contact us today to learn more about refining the nasal tip!

Reducing large nostrils

– Many people come to Dr. McCullom seeking nostril reduction, either alone or as a component of their nose surgery. They are often surprised to learn that non-surgical rhinoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of large nostrils by adding definition to the bridge or tip. If surgery is done, it requires a conservative approach and a skilled surgeon to avoid a “worked on” look. Contact us today to learn more about nostril reduction!