Think Spring

Now that the cold weather is behind us, it’s time to get ready for Spring and Summer weather.   But before you start breaking out the shorts and short-sleeved shirts, you’ll want to prepare your skin for more sun exposure.

Changes in Your Skin

Spring in Chicago means rain.  The sudden influx of humidity paired with the on-again, off-again of the heat (and sometimes even the A/C) can start showing up on your skin.  Areas of your face may be extra oily, which can lead to acne and redness.  Continue to moisturize, but try something that has a water-based formula instead of an oil-base.


If you toned back on exfoliating in the winter, it may be time to bring that back into your normal routine.  Shedding dry skin can be a nuisance but under that dry, dead skin lies fresh, beautiful, new skin waiting to be revealed.  Exfoliating helps remove that top layer of skin and helps prevent dead skin from clogging your pores.

For the ultimate spring-cleaning of your pores, schedule a chemical peel with Dr. Cornell McCullom.  Dr. McCullom will meet with you and determine which peel is right for your skin based on your skin’s needs.

Protect Your Skin

Even though rainy days are a staple of spring, UV exposure doesn’t take a vacation.  Be sure to always wear SPF, especially on your face (and don’t forget your ears!).  Dr. McCullom recommends using a minimum of a 30 SPF on a daily basis.  Be sure to reapply often if you’re outdoors for extended durations, or if you’re perspiring.

Stay Hydrated

Evening walks and extended sunlight hours are some of everyone’s favorite parts of Spring.  But don’t forget to grab a bottle of water with you on your walks.  Staying properly hydrated by drinking at least eight 8-oz glasses of water a day is a must to keep your skin healthy.  As a bonus, you’ll feel energized and proper hydration can even help keep your appetite under control and aid in breaking down fat.  That’s a win-win-win!

These simple changes will help your skin look and feel it’s best.  Dr. McCullom is welcoming new patients to his practice.  If you’re ready to put your best face forward, contact Timeless Beauty, Facial Aesthetics Chicago to schedule your cosmetic consultation today.